If you are a regular visitor to our site, you will know all about our 2006 Christmas special superstars. We will continue updating you on their new lives and progress throughout this new year. Just click on their picture, as each dog now has their own dedicated page for 2007.

If you are new to our site please start by reading the the feature below from December 2006, which gives you the background of these dogs and as you will see the number of superstars doubled!!


As we approach Christmas and the New Year, I think many people reflect on what they have achieved during the past year and indeed what they may achieve in the encroaching New Year, and none more so than charities.

We at Greyhound Rescue are pleased with our homing numbers this year and indeed our collected funds which we have been able to pass to our Head Office to help keep the dogs less fortunate than those who have been homed. No matter how much money you collect or indeed how many dogs you may home, there are still thousands that will be spending maybe their last winter in a cold kennel.

Malcolm and I and Alison and John (Jake & Tootsie's Mum and Dad) have both suffered losses this year, we lost our lovely Bosun and Alison and John lost Sonny and for that reason when we saw two special appeals for Paddy and Susie we knew they had to come to us.

Paddy, a white and black dog was found on the ‘Oldies Club’ website. This is a fantastic site and we strongly recommend you look: www.oldies.org.uk they do great work for the more mature canines of this world, not just greyhounds.

Padz - Superstar no.1

So back to Paddy, he is 12 and has spent all his life in kennels, no not strictly true a few years ago someone took him home and gave him back after a day, I mean you’d keep a new hairstyle longer! Anyway this old boy gave his all to his career and then when it came to the end he was just left in a kennel. About two weeks ago, Paddy and his kennel mate had disagreement which upset him and he refused to come out from his kennel.

Padz with his foster brother Tommy who belongs to Ian.

Thankfully, a lovely man named Ian Mcleay, a regular helper at the kennels decided to try and cheer him up and took him home. He even paid for Paddy to have a dental. Apparently Ian tells us that as soon as he lights the fire old Paddy curls up in front of it and since he’s had his rotten teeth out he seems so much brighter. As Ian works during the day he feels it is time Paddy had home comforts and 24/7 company.

Padz in his favourite spot.

Though Paddy has been unlucky in finding a home, he has been fortunate in that he's been taken great care of by the kind people of Romford Greyhound Owners' Association (RGOA). Paddy will be leaving many greyhound friends behind, all of whom are looking for that permanent home. Take a look at their website and see the the many gorgeous hounds - www.rgoa.co.uk - Could you share your life with one of them?

Floosie - Superstar No. 2

Susie, is a really sad case. We found an urgent appeal for her on the Northumberland Greyhound Rescue which is run by Dave Holmes - www.northumberlandgreyhoundrescue.org.uk thankfully he was able to get her out of the pound, otherwise her days would have been numbered. At 13 years old she was in a home, but when the bailiffs evicted the family they omitted to take the dog and she was found weighing half her body weight in the flat. She is very frail but the R.G.T., are bringing her down from Northumberland to be near Paddy so these two oldies will fly back to live out their twilight days with us. Susie desperately needs all her teeth out but we will have to try and get her body weight and see if she is up to an anaesthetic.

She is too old to be spayed. Both dogs may well need to go on anti inflammatory tablets for the rest of their days, but this will give them good pain relief and help them to enjoy a little outing each day. So that’s the story so far. Nigel will be fetching her down from Northumberland ready for her flight over.

If you wish to follow their progress we will keep everyone updated on the life and times of Paddy to be renamed Padz and Susie to be known in future as Floosie.

UPDATE - 06.12.06

Floosie has now been brought down from Northumberland and is now in her foster home with a lady called Sue who will be looking after her until she comes to us. Unfortunately we have now found out that this poor little mite was found in a wardrobe, how long she was there we don’t know and I really don’t think we want to know. She is nearly blind and deaf and her mouth is disgusting, in fact in the words of Sue ‘she is a wreck’. Never mind we will do all we can to make her life more comfortable when she eventually arrives in Jersey.

These images show the harsh reality of abuse which still exist in today's society. It's hard to believe Floosie is a greyhound - there's nothing of her.

UPDATE - 07.12.06

The news is even worse, Floosie, cannot travel to Jersey she is anaemic and has severe kennel cough plus has come into season. We are having daily bulletins but at the moment things do not look good. She is on a heat pad but there is no improvement she will be taken to the vets again on Monday – we call ourselves a civilised nation – I don’t think so. We so pray Floosie will beat this abuse but it’s a long battle for one so old. We still have her bed ready if she does make it. Regular reports on her progress will be posted on this site.


The trouble is there are thousands and thousands of SUPERSTARS out there. As we've been in contact with many kennels and rescue centres two more superstars have particularly caught our attention.

Harlea - Superstar No. 3

Lily, to be known as Harlea, is a 4 year old black and white bitch who was picked up in Wales on the verge of starvation and was rescued by the Chilterns Dog Rescue Society. As you will see from their website - www.cdrs.btinternet.co.uk they are a well established rescue centre and take in dogs of all breeds. The CDRS have had Lily in intensive care and although still painfully thin it is thought that she is well enough to be found a home. With it being Christmas there is not much chance of her being adopted before the New Year, so after discussion between Mal, Alison, John and myself we have agreed that she must come to Jersey with Padz and live in the comfort of Alison and John’s home. She is still too thin to be spayed but it is hoped that as she is so young she will make a full recovery physically if not mentally.

Photos such as these of Floosie and Harlea are not just 'sympathy votes', this is the real world. Believe you me I could put websites on which would make your skin crawl, the cruelty which goes on as an indirect result of the Greyhound Racing Industry is despicable and these are only two cases out of many many thousands. 

Arrie - Superstar No. 4

And...superstar number 4 is 10 year old Harry, or should I say 'Arrie' who has always lived in kennels. He suffers with corns which can be quite debiliting in a dog, although by all accounts Arrie likes nothing better than a good run around the paddock with the ladies! Once he arrives, we will make a full assessment and take the appropriate action. Although this gorgeous blue brindle boy has always lived in kennels he has been well cared for and will be missed having been a kennel favourite. He's coming to us from Greyhounds R Us, so please take the time to have a look at their website - www.greyhounds-r-us.co.uk and if you're tempted by any of their residents, do not hesitate to contact us.

UPDATE - 10.12.06

Floosie's holding her own and is wagging her tail in response to her foster brothers and sisters. This news warms our hearts. However we still know that it is in her best interest to stay with her foster mum until she builds up more strength. As for the other 3 superstars, well as soon as this awful weather improves they will join us. We have chartered a private aircraft as it is far less stressful as the dogs will not have to be crated and will be with Malcolm the whole time - so please say a prayer for sunshine and no wind so we can get these deserving dogs settled into their new homes.

UPDATE - 12.12.06

Spoke to Sue, Floosie is no better in fact she hasn’t had a good couple of days. The diarrhoea she had earlier in the week has returned and the vet has prescribed her some paste and tablets to try and help. Bless her she wants to eat but nothing is staying inside. She’s having lots of loves and the vet still feels we can keep on trying, probably the next few days will be crucial. We feel so useless this end as we can’t do anything to help. We have to trust the vets judgement and review the situation again in the next forty eight hours. It’s Floosie’s birthday on Friday so we are going to send her a little parcel of goodies which we hope she will be able to enjoy.

We have been in contact with the carers of the rest of the gang. All dogs are doing fine and everyone is eagerly awaiting the phone call to say when the flight is going ahead.

UPDATE 13.12.2006

We are so thrilled, Sue phoned today to say that Floosie has picked up, she’s still on all the tablets but she didn’t cough last night or so far today and she went through the night last night. Her poos although still soft are not so frequent and she was actually taking notice today even though she can’t see or hear so well. It’s very hard not to get excited and we do know that we’ve a long way to go and that things could go pear shaped but after being so upset with the last bulletin, this has made us smile again. Go for it Floosie you little fighter.

UPDATE 16.12.2006 - Floosie

What a tough little girl she is, the problem is she is so frightened she is growling at the other dogs in the foster home. As she can’t see or hear fully and with the dreadful life she has had would find it hard to trust anyone including her own breed. She still is wetting at night but manages to get out in the day, this is a problem as it might have something to do with her kidneys or simply she cannot hold herself but it is bad and Sue comes down to a flood each morning, this lady is something else as she also just taken in another greyhound found tied to railings, under weight and covered in cigarette burns.Susie Floosie will be going to the vets for another assessment next week, Sue seems to think she has put on a little weight but we will see what the vet thinks next week. Hang in there Floosie.


Well our Christmas special continues and we are so pleased to report that our three wise men well two wise men and one wise lady, arrived safe and sound on Thursday afternoon. Padz, Harlea and Arrie touched down at 5pm all very happy with lots of waggy tail. They had all come from different parts of the south of England but none of them had any gold. frankincense or myrrh with them, mind you Arrie did come with a bucket filled with chewy bones.

Padz and Arrie, the oldies were a sight to behold such happy old blokes, mind you when they tottered along it was like the ministry of funny walks. Then came the shock as we took little Harlea’s coat off it was hard to keep our emotions under control, in fact a lady on the desk at the airport broke down. Harlea looked like a skeleton in fact her legs probably weighed more than her body, but despite the cruel neglect she managed to kiss us and has shown so much affection.  We took her to the vets just to get her weighed so we could monitor her and she topped the scales at 15 kilos actually 5 kilos more than when she was brought into the Chilterns Dog Home in November.

These photos do not really show just how emaciated Harlea is and apparently this is a huge improvement from when she was first rescued by Chiltern's at the end of November!

Padz and Arrie are quite gorgeous, the trust and love is remarkable and they are very well covered for doggy O.A.P.’s and Harlea is so happy go lucky with a tail wag for everyone she greets. All three are booked into the vets on Tuesday for their M.O.T’s, Arrie needs teeth out and his corns done, and both Padz and Arrie would probably benefit from some rimadyl or similar to help with their arthritis, could do with some myself!!! Harlea, well we think it would be a good idea to get some blood tests done to see if everything is o.k. and there is no permanent damage to her kidneys and liver after the trauma she has suffered. We will let you all know the outcome in due course.

In the meantime they are all eating up well, and enjoying their new lives, Padz being the oldest enjoys just laying in front of the fire and having big cuddles, Harlea is just so grateful to be warm and have food in her tummy mind you Charlie the African Grey needs to watch his step – and Arrie, well Arrie should be on the stage he laughs a lot and follows you everywhere, after multiple wee’s we are getting there but they are truly the best Christmas presents we could have had.

UPDATE 26.12.2006

Well our three new arrivals tasted their first Christmas dinners in the warmth of their new homes and all shared a cracker and would have shared the whole turkey given half the chance.

Arrie in the doorway of his favourite room - the kitchen!

Despite only having five teeth left after his trip to the vets Arrie had no trouble in munching his way through multiple goodies mind you he did give the bucks fizz a miss. The x-ray of his front leg unfortunately shows ligament damage to his knee, nothing can be done bar an operation which would fuse the leg making him unable to bend it so I don’t think we’ll go down that path. We have him on tablets which will make him more comfortable and he is still able to enjoy his short walks in fact I think he takes happy pills he has the most incredible disposition he is such a delight to have around. He’s tried every bed in the house and has now settled for the sofa during the day and another soft bed in the sun lounge for night time slumber – life is so so different for him now and he has adapted fabulously. We hope Arrie will be able to take part in our awareness events as we would love folk to meet him, ‘cause lets face it he is a bit of a celebrity.

Floosie, well Floosie has amazed everyone, how she has pulled through her ordeal no-body knows, probably because she fancies giving me a challenge and I’m sure it will be. Last weight check showed her up to 20 kilos but she still has a long way to go. The biggest problems will be the mouth and the incontinence. The teeth hopefully we will be able to have removed if she is up to the operation, it’s devil and deep blue sea syndrome, while her mouth is so infected the poison from the teeth will be getting into her system and that is dangerous as too is having to put her under anaesthetic, here we will have to be guided by our vet. Sue her carer at present says you need a gas mask around her and the floor in the morning still resembles lake Geneva a daunting prospect but we are already on the look out for a special incontinence bed and special knickers – I’m afraid it comes to us all!!!!! We are aiming to bring her over in the middle of January as soon as the vet in England says it is o.k. for her to travel. How long we will have her who knows all we can be certain of it that she will spend what time she has loved, warm and never abused again.

Padz is still enjoying hogging the fireside, though his new brothers and sisters don't mind seeing as he is the 2nd most senior of the group and they don't mind sharing as you can see from the photos.

Jake and Padz the bookends.

Padz, Black Jack the whippet and Harlea.

Padz has had mixed fortune this Christmas. His owners were very pleased when blood tests showed that for an old timer he's fighting fit, however the vet was a little concerned by Padz's lameness and it was decided x-rays would be a good idea. In the meantime Padz was to take an anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Since taking these Padz has had diarrhoea and vomiting. The medication was immediately stopped and he was put on an intestinal food and immodium and stool samples have been sent off to the lab. As a result of this Padz x-rays have been postponed till the new year. Despite all this we are pleased to say Padz is still is cuddly teddy bear self and apart from the obvious signs...you would never know the difference.

Harls enjoying her toys.

Finally, Harlea. What a cracker she's turned out to be, a definite cheeky monkey. She's piling on the pounds and is now up to 18.8kg. When she first arrived Alison could put her hands around Harleas waist and both thrmbs and middle fingers could easily touch. Now there's a 2 inch gap. She still has a way to go, but we are really chuffed with her progress. Understandably she's been a bit of a scavenger, but now she knows that regular meals are available to her so she's not so eager to clear her Mum and Dad's dinner plates. It hasn't taken her long to discover the sofa and master the stairs to get to the bedroom. She loves fuss, especially loves her toys and her tail is on wagg overdrive.

Further updates soon.

G&M Hickmott 2007