17.02.89 - 7.01.97

The words "if you could give Chappie a chance" will always be the reason we took our first greyhound on. A lady called Mrs. Shannon who has been homing dogs for years uttered them to us and Greenfield Chap, as he was known in the racing world was soon to become our world.

Indeed Chappie was to be the first of many retired racers to live with us and the reason we started a branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust in Jersey, now called Greyhound Rescue Jersey.

Sadly Chappie's stay with us was a short one as on Christmas Day 1996 he developed a calcification of the spine and on January 7th 1997 we had to let him go. Our beautiful big white and brindle dog ended his days in the comfort and warmth of a home after a gruesome racing career.

Thank you Chappie for opening our eyes to the plight of the racing Greyhound.

(We had Chappie for 18 special months.)

Gail and Malcolm



3.10.88 - 27.03.2000

Such a frail and timid little bloke when he arrived. Took him over a week to graduate from the porch into the lounge. His mouth smelt like a stables, which is why we named him Pongo-Pongo, but after having all his teeth removed it was like he'd been re-incarnated.

He ran like a rocking horse and we were able to let him off his lead - free at last. He was never any trouble - never demanding - just slotted in.

One evening he just went out for his last wee, came back into his bed, cried out and passed away. This was our first dog to die naturally, we always thought that might be easier, not to be as you then blame yourself for maybe not noticing a problem.

The likelihood was a clot and he would not have known anything - unfortunately at that time nothing consoles you.

He'd had such a long career and so many races he really was a little toughie and always a credit to us and the breed

(We had Pongo-Pongo for for 3 1/2 years)

Gail and Malcolm



18.01.93 - 19.05.04

All my life I had wanted a German Shepherd and when Orchid joined our household I wondered why I had waited so long to get one. She was plagued with ill health to start with and at 4 1/2 years old had to have her hips out. She also had tummy problems but with permanent anti-biotics we kept this under control.

She was a sheer delight with not a bad bone in her body, she loved people and other dogs and never batted an eyelid when another greyhound joined our family.

She was particularly fond of Huckleberry one of our very handsome greyhounds, in fact I think if there had been a canine version of "Vogue" magazine, they should have been on the cover.

She went everywhere with me so when I lost her at 3.00pm on Wednesday the 19th May, 2004, life was just a haze and this continued not for weeks but for years.

I will never get over her loss, I think of her still everyday and miss her like it was yesterday.

(My beautiful girl was with us for 11 1/2 years)

Gail and Malcolm



3.04.93 - 7.12.2005

Huckleberry, or Hucky Bug as he was affectionally known, was a birthday present. He was a stunningly handsome fawn dog with the most beautiful green eyes - we always referred to him as our male model. If he'd have been in the movies he would have been Richard Gere, an officer and a gentleman, that was Huckleberry.

He never got involved in any situations but used to spend most of his time with Orchid our German Shepherd - what a gorgeous couple they made.

To watch Hucky run in the early days was poetry in motion, he would have turned on a sixpence, but his racing days took their toll on his back and one day he just told us he'd had enough and we knew what had to be done.

Sometimes you wonder if you can continue to take on these dogs but you know you will

(My perfect Huckleberry was with us for 7 1/2 years)

Gail and Malcolm



18.10.2000 - 23.09.2006

Sonny was a special brindle boy who came into our lives by chance. I was looking at the sponsors page on Kitsch collars website when I came across a 'Special Sofa Request' for Sonny the epileptic greyhound.

This lad had never raced as he'd injured himself whilst being schooled, he'd been returned from a home through no fault of his own and he'd begun having fits, we definitely had to give this boy a chance.

We weren't phased by the epilepsy, so long as he got on with our 5 whippets and 2 other greyhounds. When they all met, it was like they were long lost chums and were meant to be together, as you can see from the photo of Sonny's first morning.

We all shared 7 wonderful weeks together, but our happiness was cut short. On the evening of September 23rd Sonny began fitting, a fit from which he would never recover.

All greyhounds are special, but there was something extraordinary about this boy. We never thought our time with him would be so seems so unfair. We feel honoured that it was our sofa which was destined for Sonny.


John & Alison 30.10.O6



15.09.2000 - 02.06.2007

Our Essex Boy - pushy, loud, in your face, that was our Pyder. Where ever we were he was, tripping us up, had to be in front all the time. The public loved him and he loved his public, a favourite with so many.

We so miss that wet nose in our faces every morning and that bulky old frame sharing the sofa and bed with us every day. We cherish the time we had with our Pyder and mourn the many years we should have had with him. Everyone loved you Pyder but none more than your Mum and Dad.

Gail and Mal



04.12.07 - 09.07

I’m happily married with 3 children, but for the last 3 years there’s been another man in my life. He was tall, dark, handsome and extremely courageous and subsequently had a running battle with my husband for the entirety of his stay with us as to who the dominant male should be.

Both are complete chauvinists,and Sonic (our large black Greyhound) obviously felt he should run the family like a time-clock.

We had to get up on time, be fed on time, walked on time, pick the kids up from school on time. God forbid we should get up in the night and interrupt his sleep, or school holidays with constant kids running in and out and staying up late, deviating from routine.

We adopted him from Bellvue Race Track in Manchester, and this year moved to Jersey.

Sonic had no manners what so ever, he’d wee on everything, canoes, surf-boards, cars, tractors, deck chairs and usually while I was chatting to the owner.

Unknown to me, he could sprint across various beaches in dog unfriendly hours, suck the tops of the sauce bottles at our local café without stretching to reach and he would tantrum big time at home, should I not let him accompany us everywhere.

But he was my best friend, he’d share his bed with my kids, loved to be included in their games and vet and welcome their friends. He had his own fan club at the school gates, and as we regularly circuited the village charity shops, he was well known to local deli and café owners who bestowed him with expensive ham and cheeses. Little old ladies would keep tit-bits for him. Indeed he was a popular, well loved chap.

As an odd family, he suited us down to the ground. It was hard work to get to know him, but I’m so glad we all made the effort. Sonic became a way of life, he was tall enough to support Nathalie in walking, I regularly used him to change duvet covers as he was soft enough to stand there, but above all, he exercised my husband, and no matter how much conflict between them, they enjoyed each others company, even if he did regularly pinch Dad’s beer!

Bless you Sonic, you shall stay in our hearts forever.

Mum (Julie) 23.09.07


10.9.96 - 3.11.08

It's still very hard to talk about our Gunner without getting really upset. This poor neglected crippled dog spent just 360 days with us and they would have been the happiest of his life. For eleven years he lived in a shed with no human contact consequently when he came to us he was frightened of everything. He was in awful pain and we did our best best to make his last year a happy a relatively pain free existance. We will never forget our Gunner and we so hope that at least he had a bit of happiness in his life.



08-04 - 7.03.09

This was such a sad case. Jed came to Jersey a very nervous dog with muliple scars to his body. Somewhere he had been in a horrific fight but no-one seemed to know any details. A magnificant black dog but a very troubled dog. He never enjoyed his life and so obviously had internal scars which made his personality very unpredicable. We knew that we had to make a decision about Jed before something really awful happened so with much sadness we laid him to rest and hopefully the demons within him are laid to rest as well. It was a dreadful decision and we hope one we will never have to make again.





1.09.1996 - 6.10.2009

Our Arrie, we had him 3 years, he came to us once again after spending all his life in kennels. Arrie was the happiest boy ever he loved everybody and everything and settled like he's been with us all his life. At 13 years old the damage done by racing was beginning to take its toll and the nerves in his back rendered one of back legs to buckle making him go down. You have to let these beautiful dogs have their dignity and when Arrie began to go down more frequently we knew it was time to let him go. He left us together with his best mate Eccles who had also spent all his life in kennels till he came to us two years ago. To put two of our boys to sleep on the same day was crucifying we miss them so.

We just miss you always being in the way you were always there and now you arn't and we miss you so.

mum and dad xxxxxx


1.11.1998 - 6.10.2009

Our brave brave boy, we knew when you started to limp it was not going to be good news as we had been there before with some of our other dogs. It was bonc cancer and you would have carried on fighting it but we knew, despite the medication, that you were in a lot of pain and we couldn't let you go on just for us. You and Arrie shared sofa's and beds and you were to share the same day when we would let both of you go to your resting places.

So loving, such a favourite and once again part of our hearts go with you to join the rest of your family.

Be happy on the bridge Eccles

mum and dad xxxx

Eccles and Arrie my little bed warmers


1.12.2001 - 11.10.2010

Our stunning boy was taken with bone cancer made ever more tragic by the fact that we had removed the leg and were so hoping this would give him much more time. This terrible disease spread to his heart and lungs just over seven weeks from the amputation. O.B. was such a fun boy and enjoyed school assemblies, fetes and tearing around on the beach being silly. He also like to sleep.

We will miss his presence as he was larger than life.

Keep being a big silly lad which is how we remember you.

mum and dad xxxxxx


1987 - 10.07.97

Gummie was our first 'oldie' he came to us at the age of nearly 10 in an awful state. He had the cutest face and the baldest bum ever, he'd had mange and the fur on his backside never grew back. He, along with twenty odd others, had been rescued from a kennel all were in dreadful condition.

For all the abuse he had suffered he was incredibly loveable and when I was on the sofa he used to sit on my lap, he was extremely affectionate.

Sometimes when he was in his little bed and turned over he would give a little cry so we took him up to the vets to be x-rayed. The devastating news was that he had bone cancer in his shoulder and there was nothing that could be done. We had him only seven months, he deserved so much more, but he was in considerable pain so once again that awful decision had to be made, one that never, never gets any easier.

He was such a delightful little man and we hope his last months were happy ones with us.

(We had Gummie Bear for only 7 short months)

Gail and Malcolm



1.03.94 - 4.03.03

What can I say 'our clown'. He had such a thick coat when he arrived it was debatable whether he was a greyhound. He made us laugh from the moment he arrived and continued to do so all his life with us. He was what I think would be referred to as a 'wind up merchant'.

He'd been a rubbish racer so his career had been short lived as he was just going on 3 when we took him on.

He was only 9 when we lost him to cancer, we never let him suffer, but everyone you lose rips a piece of your heart away and our lovely O.Jay was no exception.

We got him the year O.J. Simpson was cleared of murdering his wife in America, and I always used to say we called him O.Jay because he got away with murder.

(We had O. Jay for 6 years)

Gail and Malcolm



4.09.90 - 3.11.04

We always said Douglas was the canine equivalent of the Kray twins. Never a problem at home, and as clean as a whistle seeing he'd spent all his life in kennels. He would knock on the door to go in and out.

Out in the big wide world though Douglas was a delinquent - even though he had no teeth he was game for anything.

He was just going on 10 when he arrived and we thought, as with our other oldies, that he would be shy and quiet. Not Douglas, he seemed to forget he was an old boy with wonky legs and a bad back, he'd puff his chest out and always be up for it.

Douglas just got old and one day he decided to call it quits, no fuss, he just wanted to go to Rainbow Bridge - he was our oldest to date at just over 14 years.

(We had Douglas for 4 1/2 years)

Gail and Malcolm



29.04.94 - 12.06.06

If ever ther was a dog who enjoyed life it was Bo. Bo. His face had a permanent grin on it. He was noisy, clumsy, a big heavy dog who you can't even imagined used to run round a race course. He adored the beach and would charge into the water and just stand there with a smile on his face then he'd run in the waves, come out and shake all over you.

He had a very good singing voice, unfortunately he used to practice in the early hours, making all the rest of the gang join in. He loved a fuss and could always bring a smile to your face even when he was being an idiot.

The limp on his front leg was getting no better and we noticed it was giving him a lot of pain. Once again we were to lose a dog from bone cancer - we can never let them suffer.

They say all people have a double somewhere, well Bosun lives on in a dog called Dev brought over for a couple earlier this year - the resemblance is uncanny but there will never really be another Bosun.

(Our crazy Bosun was with us for 7 1/2 years)

Gail and Malcolm



23.9.2000 - 20.4.2007

Our Awesome, what can we say, if he hadn't disliked other breeds of dog so much he would have been perfect, but hey who wants perfect.

He was a dog who loved people and kids and contributed so much to our cause by being a blood donor, a P.A.T. dog (Pets as Therapy) attending nursing and residential homes and above all being a star at all the school assemblies we did on awareness. He was mobbed and loved by all the kids and in his own way quite famous - an ambassador to all retired racing greyhounds.

The house seems so empty although it isn't, but Awesome had a presence about him and we will miss his silly ways and his loving nature always- our beautiful sleek black beauty.

Loved you so much we were so proud of you.

(We had Awesome for just 2 years 7 months)

Gail and Malcolm



15.12.93 - 29.5.2007

Our lovely girl came to us very late in her life - she had been found in appauling conditions in a wardrobe. She gave us nothing but pleasure in the short time she spent with us (4 1/2 months), everyday she made us laugh. We are so pleased she spent her last months happy, warm and with a belly full of sardines - all of which she so deserved.

Our fondest memory will be of Floosie at the Foire de Jersey when, even though she couldn't hear or see very well, she was a celebrity in her own right and played to her audience - she really did enjoy the attention. Another piece of our hearts goes with her to Rainbow Bridge where she will meet up with the other loves of our life - I'm sure she will put them all in their place. Be happy little girl.

Gail & Mal




  06.95 - 23.1.08
Ocean came to us late in his life due to a marriage break up and we were only too delighted to give him his last few years.  He was a sheer delight and basically just wanted to be loved 24 - 7.  He battled with the loss of a hip and when an old injury made it impossible for his to get up easily he asked us to do right by him and we did.  It was heartbreaking to say good-bye to such a game old bloke but he knew he's had enough and told us so.
We are so pleased to have had those last years with you.

Gail and Mal



 5.11.95 - 21.1.08

Our darling Paris we thought she would go on for ever, running away, telling the others off, taking up all the room on the bed,  so when she took poorly with what we thought was just disc damage in her back we imagined she could go on less exercise and we could up her tablets.  If this has been what was wrong it would have worked but it turned out to be so much more and our little Peter Pan of the greyhound world was diagnosed with a probable tumour on her spine.  The pain was uncontrollable and once again that awful decision was imminent.  It left us feeling numb as this was such a fiesty little dog who looked and acted half her age, we could never have imagined that she would be taken from us so quickly.  Paris charmed the birds out of the trees (or would have like to) those big brown eyes always meant we forgave her,  we miss her and think of her often - she was a mischief maker but we wouldn't have had her any other way.
Still causing hassel I bet!!!!

Gail and Mal


2.04.1997 - 8.07.2009

For 8 1/2 years my Turk slept beside my bed - I had got it off to a fine art so that I didn't tread on him when I got up in the night. I still step carefully as I get out of bed I can't get used to the idea that he is no longer there.

Turk was a complex boy but always a mummies boy - the only greyhound that ran in a straight line and only to his mum. He was such a handsome dog and it would have been unfair to watch him wither away from the many problems he had. When he stopped eating we knew the time was right to let him go.

Once again another special boy who took part of me with him when he left for Rainbow Bridge

Special love always mum and dad xxxx


27.03.1998 - 18.07.2009

The loss of our Flynn was devastating, one minute he was running around the beach playing with Pola Bear then he just lay down and passed away. All our dogs are special but none more than our Flynn who in the 6 years we had him had come such a long way. He was such a timid dog not letting anyway stroke him but in the last couple of years he had become such a favourite with so many people as he came out of his shell. It wasn't time for him to leave us and we weren't prepared for the shock of him dying. We try and console ourselves with the fact that he was on his favourite beach, running free and so so loved.

Keep building those sandcastles in the sky darling Flynn, you gave us so much pleasure

mum and dad xxxxx


26.07.1995 - 17.02.2010

Our little Dilly so aptly named as she was a law unto herself. Found Christmas 2007 in the U.K. next to have owner who had passed away, Dilly joined our gang in January 2008. She was a tiny little girl but she thought she was at least the size of a Rotteweiler and was scared of nothing. Constantly putting all our gang in their place - our other pooches had a great deal of respect for her. She taught them bad habits like singing when the phone rung making it impossible to hear whoever was on the other end, unfortunately this legacy lives on.

Dilly just got old and 5 months off her 15th birthday we knew the time had come for her to join her old pals.

We will deeply miss her silly ways, those incredible ears and her loving nature.

We hope that when our dogs leave us and go to Rainbow Bridge they all become puppies again.

Miss you little girl.

mum and dad xxxxxxx


4.2005 - 28.08.2010

Hawk just died. One minute he was mooching round the house with the others then he was laid by the door. We thought he was asleep and when we called him to tell him he was blocking the door we realised he had died. We only had him for 7 months in which time he was the most magnificant dog so full of life we will never know what happened but we do know we will miss him dreadfully he was such a full on gorgeous boy.

We loved your enthusiam and zest for life we hope it continues on the bridge

mum and dad xxxxxxxx

Littlewoods - Howlatthemoon

2.1.1998 - 20.10.2010

Our beautiful strong boy was cheated out of his later life by a blood clot which took his life within 36 hours. We know he was old but he was so fit and healthy and for this to happen was just dreadful. One day he was running in the field and the next fighting for his life a fight he was unable to beat. We had him for just under a year and he was a delight, never gave us any trouble, never demanding, just a sheer pleasure.

We hope he enjoyed his last year with us as much as we adored having him.

You find a field to run round at Rainbow Bridge.

Always love you Littlewoods

mumand dad xxxxxxx

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